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Rent Phone Charging Tables For Events

Wireless phone charging table for events

rent phone charging tables for events 3

rent custom branded phone charging tables for events

Rent wireless phone charging tables for events


Our wireless phone charging tables features both wired and fast wireless charging. It supports charging for all phones, most tablets, and also has AC outlets for charging other devices like laptops. Custom branding is available for your business, event or sponsors.

Our wireless charging tables for events come equipped with 8 universal charging cables that can charge up virtually any smartphone device. The tables also come with 2 wireless charging pads on top and 2 AC outlets for fast charging other devices such as laptops.

Pricing starts at $540 total rental fee for 1-2 day events and $640 total rental fee for 3-5 day events.

For a custom quote and more information please contact us or call 855-844-5060

Rent Cell Phone Charging Table For Events